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Ultimate Flash

The Background

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Information behind Ultimate Flash


ORIGIN: Crime scene investigator Barry Allen works in one of the fastest cities in the world - Los Angeles. Called to a crime scene inside Cadmus Labs Research Facility (a subsidiary of LexCorp), Allen's collection of evidence accidentally exposes him to a host of experimental substances... compounds that trigger something within Allen's biochemistry, transforming him into the fastest man alive!

THE CHARACTER: As one of the top crime scene investigators in the country, Barry Allen is often called upon to tackle L.A.'s most bizarre cases. A one-man crime lab thanks to his keen mind and inhuman speed, the fastest man alive now has what it takes to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

SUPPORTING CAST: L.A. Detective Jay Garrick is Allen's best friend and the only person who knows he's secretly the Flash. Even Assistant District Attorney Iris West, Allen's off-again, on-again flame, doesn't know his secret. Of course, she's got her own problems now that she's taken in her young nephew Wally West after years of parental abuse. Making things harder for Allen is that the rebellious Wally doesn't trust any cop, even if they're dating his Aunt Iris.

The Fastest Man Alive